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International Training Program on Environment Friendly and Safety of Household Care Chemical Products Technical Training
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Sponsor:     Department of International Cooperation of

                    Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), P.R.China

Organizer:  China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI)

Time:           1 Sep. to 20 Sep., 2018

Location:     Taiyuan



As one of the important cooperation forms, International Training Program (ITP) has been hosted by Chinese government for many decades, for the benefit of enhancing development on science & technology of developing countries and deepening the affiliation between the two parties. In 2018, there will be totally 79 programs held in and outside of China, “Environment Friendly and Safety of Household Care Chemical Products Technical Training” is one of the workshops, which will be organized by China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI), during 1 Sep. to 20 Sep. in Taiyuan.

RIDCI is a professional state-owned research institute specialized in R&D of surfactant, detergent and cosmetics industries in China. With the deepening of Chinese reform and opening up and the implementation of national strategy “The Belt and Road” advocated by Chinese government, RIDCI has been focusing on intensifying global science and technology cooperation with other countries. As the only national scientific research institute of daily chemical industry in China, RIDCI has contributed a lot to the field since from its establishment in 1930s. In 2015, RIDCI has organized the workshop of “Environment Friendly and Safety of Household Care Chemical Products Technical Training”, the first international-level training program of daily chemical industry in China, and serving as the National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, approved by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), P.R.China. In 2016, RIDCI has also been authorized by Chinese government to publish the first English professional journal---China Detergent & Cosmetics, aiming at strengthening the extensive understanding of Chinese daily chemical industry for foreign enterprises.



1. Understanding basic concept of household care chemical products and surfactants

2. Understanding basic knowledge and theories about safety of household products and materials

3. Realizing the current situation and development trend of technology & market on household products and surfactants

4. Discussing the potential cooperation with the relevant developing countries



Part 1. Lectures (part of the topics)

1. Basic types of household care products and establishment of evaluation system of environment friendly and safety

2. Status and development trend of household care products and surfactant industry in the world

3. Development course and trend of Chinese household care products and surfactant industry in China

4. Introduction on production, sales and export of green household care products and its main ingredients in China

Part 2. Practice and visit

1. Experiments based on related lectures

2. Visit to enterprises

3. Sightseeing

Part 3. Discussion and exchange

1. Exchange of experiences and discussion among participants

2. Information exchange on projects to be transferred from respective countries



1. Technical personnel, researchers, corporate executives and government officials from developing countries

2. Candidates under 45 years old are preferred

3. Submit a health certificate: no infectious diseases; no severe hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular or mental diseases; non-physically disabled; non-pregnancy

4. Qualified spoken and written English

5. Submit a report both in soft and hard copies about the development of detergent, surfactant or cosmetics industry in your country

6. Obey the laws during the stay in China


1. International travel fees will be borne by participants themselves (round trip tickets between his/her country and Beijing Capital International Airport)

2. Chinese government will cover all the expenditure including accommodation, local transportation and training expenses during the workshop in China

3. 80RMB will be provided to each trainee as the allowance per day



1. Applicants should fulfill all the personal information listed on the following website before 30 June, 2018:

2. Prepare a photo of JPG file within 200K for uploading

3. The Admission Notice will be sent with a formal Invitation Letter to the accepted applicants by E-mail

4. Apply your Chinese visa to China embassy for non-visa-free countries

5. Participants who have completed in the workshop will be awarded a certificate issued by Department of International Cooperation of MOST, P.R.China



1. Temperature is ranging from 10 to 20 in autumn weather of Taiyuan

2. The working language of this workshop is English

3. Arrive on time and bring along with the following required documents:

1)    health certificate

2)    hard copy of the report (refer back to Point. 5 in QUALIFICATION)



China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI)

Ms. Jenny Liu       (Tel: +86-351-4065712   +86-18234133143)

Mr. Alex Yang         (Tel: +86-351-4065712   +86-13653657973)           

Fax: +86-351-4085741          


Add: 34 Wenyuan Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030001, P.R.Ch

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