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The 9th International Conference on Surfactant & Detergent(2)
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August 18, 2006 AM

Section A Preparation Technology and Property of Surfactant

August 18, 2006 AM

Section A Preparation Technology and Property of Surfactant

Time Speaker Company Paper Title
08:30~09:05 Chen Zhifeng Shanghai Whitecat Co., Ltd.

Study on structure and performance of alkyl branching

alcohol-based ether
09:05~09:40 Xiao Wenfa Shanghai University of Engineering Science Synthesis and Application of Polyester for Drilling Fluid Additives
09:40~10:15 Norman Foster Chemithon Corporation MES in commercial production and application
10:15~10:50 Wang Xuechuan College of Resource & Environment, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology About restriction and substitution of APEO
10:50~11:25 Lian Gongbao Feixiang Chemicals (Zhangjiagang) Co.,Ltd Fatty Amines and their Ramifiction’s Application Prospect
11:25~12:00 Xu Hujun Southern Yangtze University The preparation and properties of cleavable Gemini surfactants


Ye Jianquan China Resources(Boxing) Oleochemical Co.Ltd. Analysis of Fatty acid Market and Applied

August 18, 2006 AM
Section B Personal Care Product

Time Speaker Company Paper Title
08:30~09:05 JanElsa Carty Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc NEODOL Personal Care Product
09:05~09:40 Li Chengliang Symrise (SH) Ltd. Global Trends of Skin Care Products
09:40~10:15 Bernice Ridley Ciba Specialty Chemicals Rheology Modifiers for Skin care Applications
10:15~10:50 JanElsa Carty Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc

Lather, Cleansing and Conditioning Performance of a Novel Emollient in China

Market Shampoos and Conditioners
10:50~11:25 Zhang Wanping Shanghai Institute of Technology Investigation on the application of the Pickering emulsifier in cosmetics
11:25~12:00 Yoshihiko MORI TOHO Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Development and Application of Cationized Polysaccharides as Conditioning Agents for Hair Care`

August 18, 2006 PM
Plenary Lecture

Time Speaker Company Paper Title
13:30~14:05 Yang Weilan China National Chemical Information Center Production and Marketing Situation of α- alkene
14:05~14:40 Yao Chenzhi National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Detergent Quality status of liquid detergent for fabric and the view about the redaction on its standard in China
14:40~15:15 Carsten Lauridsen Novozymes Life cycle analysis of detergent enzymes
15:15~15:50 Yang Jinlong Dow Corning Company Foam Control Solution for Powder Detergent
15:50~16:25 Hiroshi Kimura Former researcher of Kao Corp.
							On the Advanced Concept for the Next Generation Catalyst, Targeting 
Quantitative Synthesis, for the Alcohol-based Tertiary Amine Production
16:25~17:00 Du Zhiping China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry Degradation of nonionic surfactant NPE-10 photocatalyzed by sol-gel prepared Au/TiO2



17:00~17:10 Closing Speech

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Conference registrationfee includes one proceeding, access to all sessions, meals and social events (welcome reception, get-together party and dinner party). Please note that accommodation is NOT included.

The accompanying person's fee covers meals as stated in the conference programme and the social events of the conference. The accompanying person’s fee is not intended for presenters, co-authors or attendees at the conference sessions.

ICSD offers discounted fees for full-time students. To register at the special rate, indicate that you are a full-time student on the conference registration form. You need to fax a copy a proof of current full-time status (e.g. letter from Department Head or Advisor). Be prepared to present your student ID on registration day. These special fees are not transferable.






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